CCOP Patrollers Earn Certification In Accident Scene Management

While many of our patrols are blissfully quiet and uneventful, we have responded to a number of medical emergencies in our ten year history, and we have been first on scene to a couple of motor vehicle accidents.  Recognizing this, CCOP provided free training and certification through an external organization to our Patrollers in First Aid, CPR, AED use and overall Accident Scene Management skills.

CCOP ASM Training 2015-01

We’d certainly encourage EVERYONE to get trained and certified in First Aid, CPR and AED use, as those skills could well help save the life of a loved one some day.  As CCOP Patrollers we are often the first to arrive at medical or accident scenes within the neighborhood and we’ve assisted and provided care on a number of occasions. This free training helps to solidify that experience and refreshes what are ultimately perishable skills in our volunteers.

CCOP ASM Training 2015-02

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