Police Commission Considers New SFPD Station District Boundaries

The San Francisco Police Commission is currently seeking public input on a report submitted to the Commission in December by an independent research group, which could see some of the San Francisco Police Department district boundaries change to better reflect the changes in community, calls for service and staffing levels within each district.

A number of districts will see some changes to their boundaries with one change affecting the Castro / Duboce Triangle neighborhood as the Northern Police District will see its Western boundary move from its current Sanchez Street to Castro Street.  This will also mean that the current Park Police District Eastern boundary will move West to Castro Street.  The effect of these changes, if adopted would mean the following:

MISSION POLICE STATION boundaries would remain unchanged, covering everything to the South of Market Street.

NORTHERN POLICE STATION would now cover everything North of Market Street and East of Castro Street.

PARK POLICE STATION would now cover everything North of Market Street and West of Castro Street.

Click HERE SFPD Proposed New District Boundaries 2015 to view the new boundary maps and additional information.

Castro Community On Patrol does not believe these changes will significantly impact safety, security or law enforcement coverage or response times and therefore we currently support the proposed PARK and NORTHERN police station boundary changes as they are proposed.  We have worked closely with Captain Vaswani of Park Station and Captain McEachern or Northern Station on many occasions in the past, and know that each will work diligently to ensure the new boundaries do not reduce coverage or service to the Castro / Duboce Triangle area with which we are primarily concerned.

There are discussions under consideration to assign major arteries such as Market Street and Castro / Divisadero Street to a single police division rather than maintaining the current system.  Under the current system Market Street, for example is the dividing line between many police divisions.  This means that currently the North side of  the 2300 block of Market Street is within the PARK police station division, while the South side of the same block is within the MISSION police station division.  The same occurs currently on the 00 block of Sanchez Street, where the East side of Sanchez Street is within the NORTHERN police station division while the West side of Sanchez Street is within the PARK police station division.  The new proposal under consideration would continue to draw the station boundaries using such major arteries as Market Street, but would now assign the entire street to just one of the Police Stations for greater simplicity and clarity. Castro Community On Patrol supports this particular recommendation, as it would help to alleviate considerable confusion among members of the public regarding these divisional boundaries.

The Police Commission is seeking public comment on the proposed changed for about another 30 days or so, ending on March 10, 2015.  If you would like to comment, please e-mail the Police Commission, or attend one of their regular meetings, or provide your comments at any of the monthly SFPD Captains meetings which occur regularly.


Thomas J. Cahill Hall of Justice
850 Bryant Street, Room 505
San Francisco, California 94103-4603
Voice 415-553-1667
Fax 415-553-1669
Email: sfpd.commission@sfgov.org

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