Suspect Convicted in 2013 Pride Weekend Brutal Assault On Woman

A San Francisco Superior Court jury found Oakland resident, Christopher Porter-Bailey, guilty of robbery and assault and battery with serious bodily injury in connection with the June 30, 2013 Pride Weekend brutal and cowardly attack on a woman which took place around around 1:50 am on Market Street close to Dolores Street and was fortunately captured on surveillance camera, a factor that significantly assisted in identifying Porter-Bailey, leading to his subsequent arrest and conviction.


The victim, a 28 year old San Francisco woman, had already been robbed of her purse and knocked to the ground by a group of thugs that included Porter-Bailey.  Surveillance footage clearly shows Porter-Bailey walking past the downed woman, then turning to return and viciously kick her in the head, causing the victim to lost consciousness.

The attack, and callousness of Porter-Bailey in the cowardly assault, galvanized considerable public outrage, and the video footage provided to the public by SFPD was vital in helping to identify Porter-Bailey.  Porter-Bailey will return to Superior Court for sentencing soon, where he faces a potential eight years behind bars.

Surveillance video, cell phone video, and still pictures are critical crime fighting tools which often lead to the identification of suspects and their subsequent arrest and conviction. SFPD continue to seek out such video or pictures from members of the public who were present during the June 2010 Pink Saturday homicide of 19 year old Stephen Powell Jr. who was gunned down at the Chevron gas station, surrounded by literally thousands of revelers who may have captured vital evidence that police could use to lead to the conviction of the perpetrator.

“Many people don’t realize they may have the vital missing piece of evidence police have been seeking for over three years.” notes Ken Craig, Deputy Chief of Castro Community On Patrol and Chair of the SFPD Chief’s LGBT Community Advisory Forum.

“We are launching a concerted effort within the forum to re-focus attention on some cold cases which affect our community, including extremely violent cases that occur on our proverbial doorstep.”

If you were present at Pink Saturday in 2010 in the area of the Chevron gas station, for a time period of 15 minutes prior to the shooting and 15 minutes following the shooting, and have any cell phone video, camcorder video or photographs of that area, please contact SFPD to make that potential evidence available to them.  Don’t try to interpret the film or photographs you have, as you don’t know what police may be seeking.  Much like the Boston Bombing incident, simply submit your images and allow police to sift through and interpret what is useful and what is not.  Police will not be able to return any images you send to them, but your footage or images just may result in some justice for Mr. Powell and his family.

If you have any video footage or photographs, or if you witnesses the shooting and were not interviewed by police at the time, or did not come forward as a witness at the time but are willing to now, please contact SFPD at the numbers below:

Case #: 100589764

SFPD Homicide Detail:  415-553-1145

SFPD 24/7 Operations Center: 415-553-1071

SPFD Anonymous Tip Line: 415-575-4444

If you prefer, you can also contact any of the SFPD Community Partner organizations who work in collaboration with SFPD, such as Castro Community On Patrol:

E-Mail Castro Community On Patrol:

CCOP Voice-Mail:  415-ASK-CCOP

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