LAST CALL – For FREE Self-Defense Seminar on 6/22 In The Castro

As we count down the hours, literally, to the start of our FREE community self-defense seminar beginning at 12:30pm at Eureka Valley Recreation Center in the heart of the Castro, a few cancellations have left the previously full class with a few (9 out of 40) spaces left to fill.  LAST CALL to secure a pre-reserved spot in the class as registration will close at 10pm this evening (6/21/13)

DON’T MISS THIS FREE SAFETY TRAINING. Register on Eventbrite here:

With assaults occurring in New York City, Ohio and Hollywood, as well as on our own doorstep for smart phones and other reasons, a little training and awareness can go an incredibly long way to helping keep you safe and out of trouble on the “Streets of San Francisco.”

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The seminar will be led by Grand Master Ken Craig who holds 9th Degree black belts in HapMoosa Ki-Do and Yong Chul Do and an 8th Degree black belt in TaeKwon-Do.  Ken is also Chief of Community Patrol USA and is one of the original founders and a continuing Patrol Director for Castro Community On Patrol.

“Everyone should experience as much self-defense training and awareness as possible,” notes GM Craig.

“It’s kind of like an insurance policy.  You hope you will never need to use it, but if that rare occassion crops up when you do, you’re mighty glad you have it, and a few hours of training may well just save your life in a bad situation.”

“Criminals look for particular traits in many of their victims, and simply knowing this and slightly altering your own patterns, awareness and responses when faced with an unusual or unexpected situation may well be enough to avoid a more problematic or dangerous encounter.”

The seminar is open to EVERYONE of 18 years of age or older with no upper limit.  It will include more awareness, prevention and avoidance technqiues to help attendees steer clear of trouble, rather than focusing on physical defensive techniques.

“If you’re not there, you can’t get hit,” continued GM Craig. “We don’t want you to be there. In reality, if things get physical you have already lost as there are no guarantees once things get physical, no matter how much training or experience you have. We want to avoid things getting physical at almost all costs.”

If things simply cannot be avoided or de-escalated though, the seminar will include some simple, natural and extremely effective techniques for physical defense that absolutely anyone will be able to learn and practice with ease.

Take a step towards enhancing your own safety and protection and snap up one of the last remaining reservations for this FREE class.  How many things of this quality are offered for FREE these days?

If you have questions or concerns, contact

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