James Cunningham Death Awaits Medical Examiners Determination

CCOP has been working with the Stop The Violence project, local media and Mission Station to try to determine if the injuries which resulted in the unfortunate death of local Castro resident Mr. James Cunningham were the result of a battery, as suggested in recent social media postings which have garnered much attention.  At this time there is no clear indication as to the cause of Mr. Cunningham’s injuries and police are awaiting the San Francisco Medical Examiners report which will make that final determination.

James Cunningham - Death

As the excellent Bay Area Reporter article by Seth Hemmelgarn describes, Mr. Cunningham was discovered late in the evening of Tuesday May 28, lying face down on the ground with a head injury. He was transported to San Francisco General Hospital were he passed away on June 3.

CCOP will continue to monitor the situation, and we will continue to work with Mission Station and our social and traditional media contacts to provide the most accurate information available.

At this time, it is unclear whether Mr. Cunningham sustained his injuries in an accidental fall, or whether he may have been the victim of an assault.  The Medical Examiners report should shed light on the matter.

CCOP would like to express our sincere condolences to the family, loved ones and friends of Mr. Cunningham.  If you have any information related to the circumstances of Mr. Cunningham’s injury on the late evening of Tuesday May 28, please contact Mission Police Station.

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