CCOP Safety Presentation


Here is the text of the information delivered by Castro Patrol at the city-wide LGBT Safety Seminar held on November 28. Take a few minutes to review these points to better prepare yourself for possible hate attacks in the next few months.


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A Time for Awareness

4950_juicedrop_l_rgb_2After the 2016 presidential election, there is a heightened chance that people will feel emboldened to attack LGBT and other minority communities verbally and possibly physically. We must not become paranoid, but should have a heightened awareness about our personal safety and the safety of the community.

Here are a few things we ask of you:
1. Enter these 2 numbers in your phone’s address book and then set them to “Favorites”: 911 for “crime in progress” and 415-553-0123 for non-emergencies. [NOTE: Add 911 because it will be much faster to hit the entry than trying to dial 911 manually.]
2. Report every crime, using 911 for any crime in progress (suspects still in area) and non-emergency (suspects unknown or left the scene). The police need accurate data to manage resources.
3. Get the license number on vehicles and accurate descriptions of suspects.
4. Press charges or be willing testify as a witness if a suspect is detained.
5. Put a safety whistle on your key chain and carry it with you at all times [they are also essential for earthquake safety if trapped in rubble].
6. If you hear someone blowing a whistle, investigate from a safe distance and call 911 if appropriate. [The community had trained itself to do this as a reflex in the 1970’s but has become affected by the “I don’t want to get involved” syndrome in the mean time.]
7. Avoid walking alone at night. Try to travel with friends or stay with the crowd.
8. Find a basic self-defense class or join a martial arts group so you can better defend yourself or others.
9. Join or at least support Castro Community on Patrol (CCOP). You are actually safer when on patrol with a trained, highly visible and well-known group than walking alone. We need a much larger visible presence.
10. Stay informed about threats or attacks via reliable media sources (Hoodline, Bay Area Reporter, Bay Times, network TV, etc.) and avoid the click-bait, conspiracy theory, and 3rd-hand “reports” as many of these are highly embellished or at times made up and tend to frighten more than inform.
11. Form closer bonds with others through your social network, volunteer organizations, communities of faith, etc. so you are part of a larger network who can either help you physically during an attack or emotionally if fear becomes overwhelming.
12. Take care of yourself, take care of your friends, and take care of your community.

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LGBT Safety Seminar, Nov. 28th at 7:00 PM

Concerns about personal safety have increased as the result of the contentious presidential election. Groups who have gathered in secret for years suddenly feel they have been given permission to act out, which could lead to Hate Crimes against the LGBT and other minority communities. A city-wide safety seminar will address many of the concerns and set the stage for future actions and trainings. Details are on this Facebook page: Safety Seminar

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CCOP 10th Anniversary Celebration

Castro Community On Patrol was born in the latter half of 2006 during a community meeting at Joe’s Barber Shop located at the time on 19th Street between Castro Street and Collingwood Street.  Following the meeting, a Board of about 25 individuals was created and the structure for Castro Community On Patrol was put in place.



CCOP held its very first “official” new volunteer training class on November 11, 2006 and certified twenty-three (23) new Patrol Volunteers, however a select group of Board members including Pam Matsuda of SAFE, Sgt. Chuck Limbert of the SFPD, Carlton Paul the Chair of the Board, Scott Wiener and a number of other Board members participated in a review of the training content and certification event in October of 2006. As a result, CCOP has variously selected October or November for our official Anniversary month.


2016 represents our official 10th Anniversary and we celebrated this important milestone at Illy Caffé in the Castro on Tuesday October 4th, 2016.


Check out our Facebook page to view pictures and video of the event at :


We received a certificate from the California State Senate through Senator Mark Leno to mark our 10th Anniversary, and we presented a number of certificates of appreciation during the celebration as follows:


Our original founding members were recognized


  • Carlton Paul served as the first Chair of the Board of CCOP.
  • Scott Wiener served as the legal advisor to the Board of CCOP.
  • Ken Craig served as the Director of Volunteer Training and Certification to the Board of CCOP.


2016 – State Senator Mark Leno – Community Pillar Award

“In recognition and gratitude for your stalwart and indefatigable work on behalf of the LGBT and allied community of California, and in appreciation for the legislative progress you have championed for all Californians.”

2016 – Supervisor Scott Wiener – Community Pillar Award

“In recognition and gratitude for your dedication to Castro Community On Patrol from its formation, and for your continued support while in office as Supervisor for the Castro and Duboce Triangle neighborhoods.”

2016 – District Attorney George Gascon – Community Pillar Award

“In recognition and gratitude for your significant continuing support and work with the LGBT and allied communities of San Francisco. Most especially your formation of the SFDA LGBT Steering Committee and its continuing work.”

2016 – Chief Greg Suhr (Retired) – Community Pillar Award

“In recognition and gratitude for your support and outreach efforts to the LGBT and allied communities of San Francisco during your tenure as Chief of the San Francisco Police Department. Most especially in your continuation and support of the SFPD Chief’s LGBT Community Advisory Forum.”

2016 – San Francisco Safety Awareness for Everyone – Community Guardian Award

“In recognition and gratitude for your continued support, guidance, and assistance as the fiscal sponsor of Castro Community On Patrol since its founding in 2006; and recognizing your exemplary work to promote community safety through your many outstanding programs.”

2016 – Cpt. Daniel Perea, SFPD – Community Guardian Award

“In recognition and gratitude for your energetic, focused, and steady support for the safety and well being of the Castro neighborhood and your support and enthusiastic collaboration when working with Castro Community On Patrol at many neighborhood events as Captain of Mission Police Station.”

2016 – S.F. Patrol Special Police

“In recognition and gratitude of your support, encouragement and back up when necessary for Castro Community On Patrol from our founding under the leadership of Officer Jane Warner in 2006 through today under the leadership of Officer John Fitzinger.”


2016 – SPtlr. Kyle Wong, S.O. (C.S.G.) – Patroller of the Year Award (26 Patrols YTD)

“In grateful appreciation of your exemplary support of Castro Community On Patrol and the neighborhood we serve over the last year. Your dedication and focus stands as an example to all.”

2016 – SPtlr. Alexander Upchurch, (C.S.G.) – Certificate of Appreciation (22 Patrols YTD)

“In grateful appreciation of your exemplary support of Castro Community On Patrol and the neighborhood we serve over the last year. Your dedication and focus stands as an example to all.”

2016 – Ptlr. Neil Fullagar, (C.G.) – Castro Guardian Award (15 Patrols YTD)

“In grateful appreciation of your exemplary support of Castro Community On Patrol and the neighborhood we serve over the last year. Your dedication and focus stands as an example to all.”

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Mark Your Calendar For CCOP’s 10th Anniversary Bash

Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP) will celebrate 10 years of service to the Castro and Duboce Triangle neighborhoods on Tuesday October 4th from 7 PM to 10 PM at Illy Cafe on Market Street in the heart of the Castro.

“We will be presenting some Community and Patrol awards to people who have helped support CCOP over the last ten years,” said Chief of Patrol, Greg Carey.

“It is incredible to think that we are still going strong after ten years, when most comparable organizations like ours typically fold after a year or two when the crisis that created the organization abates,” Carey continued.

“We have remained relevant, and even vital to the community as we very quickly switched our primary focus from reacting to the violent assaults that were the impetus to create CCOP, to a long term safety and security enhancement and collaboration focus by working with many community and government organizations at all levels.”

Many city dignitaries will be invited to recognize and celebrate this milestone anniversary, and of course all members of the Castro and Duboce Triangle community are encourage to attend and celebrate with CCOP.


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Trans March, Dyke March and PRIDE Parade Safety

There are understandable concerns regarding the safety of PRIDE activities in San Francisco this weekend, in the wake of the horrific massacre in Orlando, Florida and the arrest of the suspect heading to PRIDE in Los Angeles. While many people are intent on not allowing terrorism to win by attending events, there remains some legitimate concerns over safety and security.

CCOP attended a meeting organized by District Attorney George Gascon recently to discuss this very question.  Deputy Chief Mike Redmond of the San Francisco Police Department provided a very comprehensive overview of the departments plans to ensure the safety and security of everyone attending PRIDE events as well as all of the other regular events that take place in San Francisco every weekend.

The department will be significantly increasing the visible police presence within the Castro and on the PRIDE parade route this year.  There will also be an increase in Officers present for the Trans March on Friday and the Dyke March on Saturday.  SFPD is working closely with other Law Enforcement and Federal resources to ensure that the Parade and PRIDE Festival area will be safe and secure on Sunday and the PRIDE organizers are implementing new security measures at all festival area entries which will require everyone to go through a metal detector and prohibitions on a list of items including:

  • Bags exceeding 18″ x 18″
  • Alcohol
  • Coolers or containers of any type
  • Glass bottles of any kind
  • Illegal drugs or substances
  • Firearms, fireworks & explosives
  • Weapons
  • Dangerous weapons including any type of edged weapon to include knives, impact weapons and electric pulse weapons
  • Stunning devices
  • Drones
  • Shopping carts
  • Smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco
  • Radios, walkie talkies, jammers, scanners
  • Portable speakers
  • Hazardous and toxic materials
  • Any item deemed inappropriate or hazardous by law enforcement and/or security

In the run up to Sunday’s Parade, police ask that everyone be extra vigilant and if you see something, or someone, suspicious please call 911 or the non-emergency 415-553-0123 number to let them know.   You can also use the anonymous Tip Line 415-545-4444 if you prefer.

Due to the volume of people expected on Sunday, cell phone service may simply not be available, but police will be on every block throughout the Parade route, and will be at every entry point into the Pride festival area, so they recommend verbally advising any Police Officer or event personnel with a radio if you cannot get cell service.

With the enhanced security procedures at the Pride festival entry gates, you should expect a longer wait to successfully entire the festival area.  Please be patient and cooperate with the security personnel who will do their utmost to move the line along as quickly and safely as possible.

CCOP wishes everyone a safe, fun, and enjoyable PRIDE.

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FREE Beginners Community Self-Defense Class Offered Pre- SF Pride on 06/13

Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP) in association with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and Community Patrol Service USA invites you to pre-register for our very popular Beginners Community Self-Defense class, just in time for the SF Pride festivities.


WHEN: Monday June 13, 2016 7 PM to 10 PM


WHERE: STRUT, 470 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114


WHO: Open to anyone 18 years or older (Pre-Registration strongly recommended)


WHAT: Dress comfortably with comfortable shoes and bring some water.


Class participants having fun during a class exercise.

Class participants having fun during a class exercise.

The class is a very low impact presentation of some very basic, but extremely useful and valuable self-defense concepts taught by Grand Master Ken Craig. We have provided this same class on many occassions in the past to packed classes and rave reviews. This class will occur just weeks before the SFP Pride festivities get into full swing, so it could not be timed any better.


There will be periods of standing and moving, as well as working with other people as part of the practical class exercises. We can make necessary accomodations for special needs, but please let us know if a sign language interpreter is needed at least a month prior to the class.


Chief Ken Craig, Community Patrol Service USA

Chief Ken Craig, Community Patrol Service USA

Grand Master Ken Craig who will lead the class holds 9th Degree black belt ranks in HapMoosaKi-Do and YongChul-Do and an 8th Degree black belt rank in TaeKwon-Do. He founded and ran Triangle Martial Arts Association in the heart of the Castro for over fifteen years. He is one of the founders and the only remaining original member of Castro Community On Patrol and currently serves as their Deputy Chief and Director of volunteer training, certification and emergency services liaison. He also serves as Outreach Coordinator for the SFPD Auxiliary Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) and is Chief of Community Patrol Service USA which publishes a monthly Crime Activity Report for the Castro / Duboce Triangle neighbohrood amongst other things.


This class is always popular and spaces fill up fast, so we strongly recommend pre-registering EARLY. Use the URL below to sign up for the class using Eventbrite.


To Pre-Registere, CLICK HERE:


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Castro Community On Patrol with “Self-Defense Seminar 06-2016” in the subject line by e-mail at or by phone at 415-ASK-CCOP.

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Patrick McClellan Case Is A Positive Result For The Community

by Greggy Carey,  Chief of Castro Community on Patrol

The success of yesterday’s hearing around Patrick McClellan can be attributed to concerned merchants who are part of the Castro Business Watch (CBW).  Patrick McClellan  had been arrested on serious charges about 3 weeks ago. Patrick currently claims transgender status and prefers feminine pronouns.  Her bail hearing was held in Department 9 on Monday, 4-APR-16. Two merchants and a representative of Castro Patrol made themselves available to testify if necessary to encourage the judge to hold her for later court appearances due to numerous threats and other inappropriate actions in the past.

Patrick McClellan Photo

Patrick pled guilty to 2 misdemeanor offenses and was sentenced to:

  • 1 year in county jail and/or in-patient rehabilitation at Walden House. She will be reviewed after 90 days in the re-hab, which cannot start until a bed becomes available. While waiting for the bed on open, she will be held in San Francisco County Jail.
  • Patrick has also been issued a 3-year protective stay-away order which covers the area from Market Street South to 19th Street and from Sanchez Street  West to Collingwood Street. If found within this area, she is subject to immediate arrest, and possible further jail time.

CBW is a program of SF-SAFE who also coordinate neighborhood watches. The difference is that CBW provides business-to-business communications about reducing crime where Neighborhood Watch provides residential safety. Our crime consultant at SF-SAFE is Frulishous Wyatt, Jr.  Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP) currently administers the CBW program on behalf of the neighborhood.

CBW currently covers 76 store fronts in the Castro. It is coordinated by Castro Community on Patrol, but it may be turned over to CBW members who will act as “block captains” to better represent the business community. The program provides a method for businesses to work together to identify issues or people whose actions are impacting the business climate and to find solutions that address the issues. Business Watches are also found in other business areas such as Union Square, Fishermans Wharf and 3rd Street corridor.

Credit should also be given to the ADA who serves the Mission Police station, Justine Cephus. At times, the DA’s office can use a process they call “bundling” where a person who has committed a number of minor but ongoing offenses when they can show a judge that a person should be issued a “Public Nuisance” stay away order from an area because of their continued inappropriate behavior. Most stay away orders are issued to prevent entering the business at a single address, but the offender can legally be just feet away without being arrested. An area stay away order means the person is subject to arrest anywhere in the defines area. In Patrick’s case, this is the core Castro business district for 3 years. One of the first people to earn one of these awards was the “Dirty Elmo” character who was known for offensive actions in the Fishermans Wharf area. The process is generally only used in the most egregious cases where a subject has been repeatedly arrested and released back to the public as the judge is basing each decision on the single event rather than the longer term impact the subject is having on the business climate.


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From Assistant District Attorney

I am the ADA assigned to the Mission District and am currently prosecuting Patrick McClellan. I know he has caused problems for many businesses and neighbors in the area of 18th and Castro. It may be helpful to have community members come to court for Patrick’s hearing on (Monday April 4, 2016.)

Patrick McClellan Photo

Patrick Mcclellan


The hearing will be held in Department 9 at 850 Bryant Street around 9:00 a.m. Unfortunately, all cases are scheduled for 9:00 a.m. so I cannot predict when between 9:00 and noon the case will be called by the judge. Anyone who is interested and available to attend would be very helpful, especially since the judge is considering releasing Mr. McClellan.

The ADA who will be handling the case in court is Marc Massarweh. I have included him here on this e-mail. Please pass along my contact information to anyone who may be of assistance.

Thank you!!

– justine
Justine A. Cephus
Assistant District Attorney
Crime Strategies Unit
San Francisco District Attorney’s Office
Hall of Justice
850 Bryant Street, Room 322
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 415-734-3058
Fax: 415-575-8815

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Join Us on Easter Sunday as a CCOP Patroller or a Community Safety Volunteer at the Sisters Easter In The Park!

We are just three days away from one of the most irreverent, fun-filled, and enjoyable Easter events EVER.

Each year since the 1990’s the incredible Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have produced the FREE Easter In The Park event, with a kids easter egg hunt, free entertainment, the world renowned Hunky Jesus Contest, an Easter Bonnet Contest and the new Foxy Mary Contest.  CCOP has supported this incredible community effort by providing free Safety Monitors to help ensure the thousands of people who attend are safe and having fun.   Read more about this incredible event in the Bay Area Report article by Sister Roma Roma

CCOP at the 2014 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence 35th Anniversary in Golden Gate Park.

CCOP at the 2014 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence 35th Anniversary in Golden Gate Park.

This year the event will take place on Easter Sunday, March 27th at Hellman Hollow in Golden Gate Park beginning at noon and running through 5PM.

CCOP will be on hand once again to provide Safety Monitors, but we find ourselves a little short on numbers this year for a variety of reasons, so at this proverbial eleventh hour, we wanted to reach out to our existing Patrollers and our community supporters to ask for a few more volunteers to help us, help the Sisters in making this a memorable and fun-filled event once again this year.

If you are an existing CCOP Patroller, please register for the patrol on-line or shoot us an e-mail.

If you are a supporter and would like to help us out as a Community Safety Volunteer (CSV), please send us an e-mail address with your preferred name and phone number to and put “Easter Sunday Volunteer” in the subject line.  We will be meeting in Hellman Hollow by the entrance to the back stage area at 10:30AM on Sunday.   We will pair you with one of our CCOP volunteers, and we’ll give you a vest for identification.  Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and bring some sun block and snacks for the day.

Sisters Easter in the Park is a San Francisco tradition that we want to support and continue for many years to come.

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