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CCOP Directors & Volunteers Monthly Meeting The 2nd Thursday of each month from 8pm-9:30pm
Chase Bank - Community Room
2112 15th Street

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About Us

Castro Community on Patrol (CCOP) was founded in November 2006 in response to some well publicized assaults in, and around, the Castro neighborhood.  A number of community members came together with the Mayors Office, the District Attorney’s Office, the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and SF Safety Awareness For Everyone (SAFE) and CCOP was established In collaboration with these agencies.

CCOP is a program of, and is fiscally sponsored by, SAFE.  SAFE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that guides residents, business owners and community members to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods through education, support and assistance in close cooperation with the SFPD.  We are funded by a small annual grant from the city which pays for our part time staff member and our uniform costs, but we rely heavily on fundraising and donations from members of the community we serve.

Our organization is formed around the internationally recognized Community/Citizens On Patrol Service (COPS) model.  All CCOP Patrollers are unpaid volunteers who serve as additional "eyes and ears" for the community. We work by discouraging bad behavior and encouraging good behavior.  We do not make arrests, but we will call in professional responders when needed, and we will stand as witnesses in court if necessary.  In this volunteer role we enjoy a very close working relationship with city government, law enforcement, community groups, businesses and residents within the Castro and Duboce Triangle area in which we patrol.

Check out the Public Safety Pyramid which shows how CCOP fits in to the overall safety picture.

We are dedicated to promoting and enhancing the security and safety of the Castro and Duboce Triangle neighborhood through volunteer patrols, educational outreach, support of local efforts and through a close liaison with our law enforcement partners.

Our mission is to create a safer neighborhood for those who live in, work in, or visit the neighborhood. CCOP volunteers patrol the neighborhood and create a visible safety presence. Patrol volunteers note and report violent and property crimes, as well as conditions conducive to that kind of crime, and also educate the public about safety issues in the community.

From our creation in 2006, CCOP has:

  • Trains new patrol volunteers in classes held throughout the year.

  • Provides 1,000+ hours of volunteer time to the community every year.

  • Supports more than 30 community events annually.

  • Distributes 10,000+ free safety whistles to the public every year.

We also participate and contribute as members in the following groups:


Our Patrol Chief's and Board of Advisers are responsible for the strategic development and day to day operations of CCOP.  All are unpaid volunteers who donate a considerable amount of time, energy and experience towards keeping CCOP relevant and effective in the ever changing dynamic of the Castro / Duboce Triangle neighborhood.  We have seven Patrol Chief positions available, but have only filled three of those positions at the present time.  We have seven Board of Adviser positions available but have only filled four of those positions at the present time.

Patrol Chiefs

  1. Greg Carey,  Chief of Patrol (Chf.)

  2. Ken Craig,  Deputy Chief of Patrol (DChf.)

  3. Brian Hill,  Deputy Chief of Patrol (DChf.)

  4. Kyle Wong, Assistant Deputy Chief (ADChf.)

Senior Patrollers

  1. None at this time

Board of Advisers

  1. Greg Carey,  Chairperson (Chr.)

  2. Ken Craig,  Vice Chairperson (VChr.)

  3. Brian Hill,  Assistant Vice Chairperson (AVChr.)

  4. Kyle Wong,  Board of Advisers (BoA)

  5. Neil Fullagar, Board of Advisers (BoA)

  6. Open

  7. Open

We also have one part time paid staff member as part of our City grant who helps us significantly in the day to day operations of CCOP, as well as being an active patrol volunteer with us.

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